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Books I’ll Probably Never Read Tag

It’s been a while since I did any form of book tag so I reached out on Twitter and asked my followers which ones I should do and this was suggested by the wonderful Monika.
Go and check out her blog if you haven’t already!

1.) A really hyped book you’re not interested in reading

Anything by Sarah J Maas. Her name is all over booktube, twitter, bookstagram,goodreads….just literally everywhere, but I can’t say that one of her books/series even stands out to me. And the controversy surrounding how poorly she represents minorities is a big no from me!

2.) A series you won’t start/won’t finish

Game of Thrones because FUCK THAT.

3.) A classic that you’re just not interested in

I think there’s probably a handful of classics I’m just not interested in ever picking up. I’d probably say any romantic classsic I will avoid like the plague because yuck and I don’tneedto be reminded of GCSE’s like that. Don’t swear at me please.

4.) Any genres you never read

High fantasy is a genre that simutaneously doesn’t interest me and highly intimidates me so I think it’s a safe bet that I won’t be dabbling in that genre any time soon. I mean….1,000+ pages…I’m SCARED.

5.) A book on your sheves you’ll probably never read

I regularly declutter my book shelves and throw them on eBay, but I hang on to a few Murakami books in vain hope that one day I will be motivated to pick it up…it’s been about ten years…but you never know!

I’m tagging the following book bloggers to participate!

Reader Fox



Blogger Spotlight

#BloggerSpotlight #2

Hi everyone, hope you’re all having the best week and happy hump day!

This is probably one of my favourite types of blog posts to do because I just love showing my love for fellow book bloggers. It’s always a great feeling when someone recognises the effort and the work you put into your blog so this is me spreading that love further!

Today’s #bloggerspotlight goes tooooo…Stephanie!

I have been following her blog, Between Folded Pages, probably for aslong as I have had my blogup and running so around a year.

Her blog isn’t just devoted to book reviews, although that is a big chunk of it. You can also find her opinions on film & tv as well as a deep dive into her experiences as a mommy! Her book reviews are aphabetically ordered which is one of the most organised and helpful things I’ve ever seen (if you have a second you need to show me how to do this :’)) and there is a plethora of reviews on books that are on my TBR list.

Here are a couple of Stephanie’s reviews which I loved, were incredibly well written and have made me want to read the books!

American Panda – The book is now currently sitting on my Scribd download list – will be getting to it very soon!

The Good Daughter

The book is sat on my shelf and has been for the longest time but I’m a lot more inclined to pick it up now – it’s about time i had some Karin Slaughter in my reading life.

You can find Stephanie’s blog here and her Twitter here!


Check out my last #BloggerSpotlight HERE.


The Ups and Downs of Mental Health

After having somewhat of a crazy time with my mental health in the past month or so, I’ve decided to share something I wrote a while back but it never got posted. Going back to it and reading through it has helped me realise that I’ve gotten out of it once, and I’ll definitely do it again – this time a lot quicker and with more resilience. Here goes…


For most of my life I have had relatively good mental health and considering the rather…’turbulent’ upbringing I had I’d say that was pretty much a miracle. All came to a head in June 2018. I was in a job that was incredibly stressful for minimum wage, I had a toxic boyfriend who did nothing but make me feel worse about myself and I had an abuser resurface into my life completely unexpectedly. All this happening at once lead to some kind of mental breakdown and I couldn’t function for around 4 months. I couldn’t go out, I couldn’t go to work – I could barely eat or string a sentence together. Everything I heard was white noise, everything I saw was in slow motion and I was just completely numb.

I went to seek help with my doctor and was prescribed medication (which I am not currently taking as of the New Year) and was referred to Birmingham Healthy Minds service. This is a service which I cannot recommend enough – I was really scared of counselling after previously having a bad experience when I was younger, however I’m really glad I went ahead and gave this a go.

The best thing about this was that my counsellor was not passive (unlike my previous experience), in fact he gave me so much advice that will stay with me forever. I relied heavily on my friends during this time and they were an amazing help, but sometimes it is nice to offload some of your worries on to someone who is essentially a stranger. It allowed me to say things which I may not necessarily feel comfortable telling my family or friends.

Ever since I went and spoke to someone about my condition, I have been looking for the best ways in which to cope on a daily basis. The main way I keep my anxiety at bay is with a combination of walking and audiobooks. This has done wonders for my anxiety. I have always been a big book nerd; I read every day, manage to polish off on average 100 books a year and run my own book blog so it’s safe to say that I am a major bookworm!

I’ve constantly heard and read about exercise being an amazing coping mechanism for people dealing with depression. I have close family members who also suffer with depression and confirmed to me that exercise is one of the main things that relieves some of their symptoms. Having this information only told me one thing – get to exercising! I live in a really pretty village so I decided to put my headphones in, pick an audiobook and walk. Walk until I couldn’t feel my legs. 3 hours later I came home and was elated. Body numb, blood pumping and feeling a tiny bit more positive than when I left the house. My anxiety got to such a point that I wasn’t able to breathe properly. I was always taking short, sharp breaths and it never felt like I was in control which exacerbated my anxiety. Walking allowed me to think about and control my breathing therefore lowering my anxiety somewhat. Combining walking and my favourite hobby (devouring books) helped me so much more than I ever expected and am so thankful for it.

I recently wrote a blog post about how audiobooks helped me control my anxiety and was overwhelmed by the response it got when I shared it on my blog. Not only by the amount of people who are dealing with anxiety themselves, but how happy they were that they found the post and are willing to try it out to see if it helps them too. It’s that kind of response that reminds me of why I love blogging and sharing my experience! I hope someone read about my experience and it was able to help them.

Here’s the link to my audiobook blog post for those interested: How Audiobooks Changed My Reading @Scribd #mentalhealth #blogger

Every day is still a learning curve but I’m definitely getting there. Going forward, I hope that everything I have learned in the past 9 months will aid me in keeping my anxiety and depression at bay and be able to handle it as best possible when/if it arises again with a vengence. I am always hopeful that if I ever feel the same way again, I will be able to see the signs a lot earlier, implement the coping mechanisms I’ve acquired and nippit in the bud before it manifests even further. I hope that somehow my experience can help someone else out there cope a little better and make them realise that it is possible to come out the other end even when you’re at your darkest.


Blogging Goals for 2019

It’s been one year since I started my book blog and it’s been such a great year. I learned so much, read so much and met some absolutely wonderful fellow booknerds, reviewers and authors from all four corners. I’ve never set myself any blogging targets as such, so thought I’d make a start this year to see what I can stick to and see how much growth I can give my blog if I put that little bit of extra energy in to it.

So, please read my following blog goals for the rest of the year. (Tan this is for you to read at this point next year when you take accountability for everything you didn’t stick to).

At the bottom of this post are some fellow bloggers goals for the year – enjoy! 🙂


  • Scheduling posts!
    Now this might seem obvious, however I did not utilise this as much as I should of last year. Being ahead with posts really helps when I’m working away from home for a couple of months at a time so lesson learned!
  • Post a blogger spotlight at least once a month!
    I always want to engage more with fellow bloggers and help them how they’ve helped me, hence the introduction of this series on my blog! Exciting times.
  • Post About Other Topics, Not Just Books!
    I have made a couple of lifestyle changes this year and would like to share it with anyone who want to hear it! I think that if I blog about them, I will be more likely to stick to them as much as possible.
  • Engage With More Bloggers!
    It’s always fun when you find new blogs to follow and I only want to increase that this year. From books, to lifestyle to fashion and beauty, I’d love to connect with more bloggers in 2019!
  • Collaborate With More Bloggers!
    I’m kind of useless at reaching out to people, I can’t stand rejection! However this year I’m making way more of an effort to engage with people of similar interests. Also, if you’re reading this and want to collab somehow – hit me up!Hopefully I can look back at this post next January and be happy with myself that i stuck to my goals!

Some Goals From Other Bloggers

  • One of Aoife’s goals for 2019 is to break 1,500 followers so go and show her blog some love!
  • @schoolingdiana wants to get her blog up and running this year so good luck to her!
  • @OpenOnABook also wants to get over her anxiety and just set up her blog already! Good luck!
  • Paul over at HalfManHalfBook has quite the list of goals, check it out here!

My Top 5 Books of 2018

Yes, yes…we’re almost in February and I’m only just posting this! I fail.

My list is made up of physical books, kindle books and audiobooks – let me know if you agree and what your favourite books were 🙂 I hope 2019 is as good as 2018 was in terms of reading…so excited to see what it brings!

  1. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins ReidNow, I’m definitely not in the minority when it comes to this book – the vast amount of people I follow absolutely adored it and rightly so.

    Find my review of this book here!

    Buy it here!-

  2. Eleanor Oliphant is Complete Fine by Gail Honeyman

This book took me on a rollercoaster of emotions. If I wasn’t laughing I was crying but no matter what I was doing it made me incredibly happy. Following Eleanor on her daily journeys was absolute hysterical; the author wrote her character so wonderfully she jumped out the page and was a real person.

Find my review of this book here!

Buy it here!-


  1. The One by John MarrsAn incredible read from start to finish, probably my fastest read of last year as I just couldn’t out it down it was so easy to fly through!

Find my review of this book here!

Buy it here!-

the one

  1. Only Human by Sylvain Neuvel

The final book in The Themis Files trilogy; not only one of the best series I’ve ever read but my absolute favourite. I think anyone who has followed my blog since I started knows very well how much I love this series. Although I did think this book was the weakest out of all three, it doesn’t say much because the other two are exceptional.

I’m yet to write a review on this book as I was saving all three up for one big series review…I best get to it and so should you! Start the series immediately I implore you!

Buy the first book now and thank me later –

only human

  1. Scythe by Neal Shusterman

Listened to via Audible!

Funnily enough, my only book on Audible all year! An incredible, thought provoking beautifully written novel. Excited to listen to Thunderhead on audiobook this year!

Find my review of this book here!


Blogger Spotlight

#BloggerSpotlight #1

Happy Sunday everyone, hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend! When this is posted I will be deep into the #24in48 reading challenge and hopefully would have finished off a fair few books!

One of my blogging goals of 2019 is to post more consistently and I thought that if I introduce a new series of sorts onto my blog, it’ll hold me a bit more accountable!

Therefore, at least once a month I will be dedicating a post to one of my favourite bloggers. I’ll be including why I like their blog so much, some of my favourite posts by them and where you can find them on cyberspace. By doing this, I hope to let some fellow bloggers know they are appreciated and also let other bloggers and readers find new bloggers to follow. Enjoy! 🙂


My first #bloggerspotlight of the year is…Monika! over at…Lauregalie

One of the first book blogs I followed even before I started mine, I can always rely on her to offer an in depth and thoughtful review. Because her favourite genre is fantasy and that’s still a genre I am tip toeing into, it’s always useful for me to see her opinions of some of the more popular YA fantasy novels that I might have an interest in picking up one day. Also, I thoroughly admire anyone who’s English is this good when it’s not their first language! As well as being an amazing blogger, she’s an awesome person to engage with online 🙂

Here are some of my favourite posts!

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo Book Review

This was a great read for me because this book was my favourite read of 2018. It’s great to find others who you can share your love of a book with!

Find the post here!

City of Ghosts Book Review

After reading this review, I immediately downloaded the audiobook version on Scribd! Excited to get to it as soon as possible! a brand new fantasy story to add tomy slowly growing list.

Find the post here!

You can find Monika on…

Her blog:

Twitter: @lauregalie


Instagram: @m.lowkis

Can’t wait to continue these posts on my blog this year 🙂


Bared to You – Sylvia Day


I must’ve wished for you so hard and so often you had no choice but to come true.

Eva Tramell, tired of her turbulent and traumatic past, starts a new life in New York. Living in a luxurious apartment with her best friend and starting a job she know she’s going to love, she’s excited for the future that looks easy and peaceful. All of that becomes much more complicated when she stumbles into a handsome stranger in a hallway.

I actually enjoy Day’s writing style a lot. It’s very light and easy to read, but something about makes me unable to call it “simple”. It’s very eloquent. Also, she manages to write sex scenes in a very erotic way, that’s at the same time not cringy at all. Which is very, very hard to accomplish.

This is definitely a character driven novel. And I am totally…

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